portraitI am honored and humbled to serve as your Edmonds City Council member.

I will continue in the next 4 years to work for all the citizens of Edmonds no matter where you live.

It is clear to me that citizens want to see development outside of the view corridor, I have heard you and will work toward our common interests.

Always feel free to contact me with ideas and suggestions for improvement in our city at: adrienne.monillas@edmondswa.gov


The future President of the United States

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City Council OKs resolutions asking for ban on oil, coal trains through Edmonds

Edmonds City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve resolutions urging federal officials to ban transporting crude oil and coal by rail through Edmonds.

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Adrienne opposing the transportation of both coal and oil

The Edmonds City Council at its Tuesday night meeting got a first look at a draft resolution, proposed by Councilmember Adrienne Fraley-Monillas, “urging a prohibition on the transport of coal ore and crude oil by rail through the City of Edmonds.” The resolution was sparked by the recent oil train derailment and fire in the Columbia River Gorge area of Mosier, Ore., and drew both local residents and members of the Sierra Club to the council chambers to testify in favor of the measure.

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